YEAZT Moon Dust - Tres Amigo's Chile Lime Seasoning

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 YEAZT Moon Dust is The Original Nutritional Yeast Based Seasoning! 

Get ready to blast off with the best popcorn seasoning ever! Yeah we said it! And we'll say it again, best popcorn seasoning EVER!

YEAZT™ Moon Dust™ Tres Amigo's Chile Lime Seasoning is a blend of three spicy hot chile profiles with the essence of fresh squeezed lime. It took me awhile to grab a hold of this profile in popular snack brands. However, after being an elementary teacher for a few years. I couldn't avoid this amazingly addictive combination of spice and tartness, that is hard to put away until its all gone. Good thing you've go us to keep your taste buds satisfied. 

Tres Amigo's Chile has 6 simple ingredients: Nutritional Yeast, NM Red Chile, Ancho Chile, Chipotle Chile powders, Sea Salt, Organic Lime Powder.  


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