What is YEAZT?


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Welcome, to the home of the best popcorn seasoning in the entire universe. 

Don’t get it twisted though! YEAZT™ rockets itself far beyond the realm of being the best popcorn seasoning.  

YEAZT™ is the best superfood nutritional yeast flavored seasoning. 

Our YEAZT™ Moon Dust™ Superfood Seasonings are 100% Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly,  All Natural, No Artificial Dyes, Chemicals, or flavoring. Our short batch kitchen only uses the highest quality natural spices and ingredients to deliver seasoning free from harmful chemicals and unnecessary bullshit. 

nutritional yeast nutrition


YEAZT™ Moon Dust™ Superfood Seasonings posses the ability to replace many of your kitchen favorites. With natural flavor profiles that are unlike anything else on the market. While, most popular brands of seasonings deliver natural ingredients that are healthier than seasonings with artificial bullshit.

YEAZT™ Moon Dust™ is made using the superfood ingredient Nutritional Yeast, and on average YEAZT™ Moon Dust™ Superfood Seasonings consist of 2 superfood ingredients, with many flavors going up to 5 superfood ingredients. 


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We put together a Top Ten Nutritional Yeast benefits list you can check it out to see why nutritional yeast is good for you. click below


Nutritional Yeast Benefits, Nutrition, Health Complete Protein 9 Essential Amino Acids


I'd have to say, starting YEAZT™ Moon Dust™ with the primary ingredient being a Superfood, is pretty different! Actually, we are The Original Superfood Nutritional Yeast Based Seasoning company. 




YEAZT MEANS SUPERFOOD nutritional yeast nutrition


Consider, adding a naturally flavored plant based friendly showering of YEAZT™ Moon Dust™  as a superfood nutritional alternative to many popular chemically based artificial seasonings.

Still wondering more about nutritional yeast??? If your unfamiliar with its benefits, or just wanting to get more information about nutritional yeast. Check out our page: What is YEAST?


 Gregory Scargall Maya Scargall Prescott Scargall
The 2021 YEAZT™ Team, we are two kernels and a pop, which amounts to a couple of teenagers and their dad rocking out small batches of our superfood nutritional yeast based seasonings from our small batch kitchen. We are located in the heart of the internationally recognized culinary destination of Santa Fe NM. 


 Born and Raised in New Mexico YEAZT & Gregory Scargall